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Stone Tower


“It’s helped me to reflect and be able to approach my problem differently that will benefit me and others”

Client T

Emma is one of the most compassionate therapists there is. She goes on a journey with you and checks on the progress consistently. She listens and highlights your victories. She shows you your strengths.

Client S

“Everything was helpful. The counselling I received from Emma was brilliant and the compassion she showed was excellent. I felt comfortable talking to her from the first session and would definitely recommend her to other people”

Client G

“Emma took time to listen to me, and worked to my pace which was important to me”

Client L

“I was able to read what work the counsellor had done. It was non-judgemental, how to look at things differently and how to explore myself”.

Client J

"I felt listened to, and had a space to be me for the first time in years" 

Client A

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